About Mane Envy Extensions 

Designed by licensed professionals that sought out the best salon quality for behind the chair and for you at home. 

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What makes our hair the best quality?

Mane Envy Extensions hair is 100% human hair, which is cuticle aligned meaning less shedding and fewer tangles which creates longer-lasting extensions.

Single Drawn extensions are finer wefts for finer hair creating a more blended natural fullness to the hair and a seamless look of extensions.

Double Drawn extensions are thicker wefts for medium to thick hair adding additional length and volume for a blended seamless look of extensions. 

Cuticle Aligned hair means less shedding and fewer tangles in the extensions for a smoother softer healthier quality creating longer lasting extensions. 


How do I take care of my extensions?

*Treat your mane as if it's your own hair

*Do not towel dry, rough dry the hair

*Do not brush the extensions when wet 

*Do not wash the hair in the washing machine

*Let hair air dry up to 90% before styling 

*Do not use high heat close to the roots 

*Professional care is recommended

*Avoid washing your mane with shampoos that contain harsh sulfates and alcohol

How long will my extensions last?

Your mane should last you anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on how often you wash your mane.


How do you brush your extensions?


In order to brush your mane brush when dry only, start from the bottom of the hair and gradually go up the hair shaft to the root by the clips, tape, or ties. 


Where can I store my extensions?


 You can store your mane in our packaging! Our Mane Envy Extensions box fits custom to your extensions. 

How often should I wash my extensions?

If there is a lot of product build-up on your mane it is recommended that you wash with a sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoo typically the product build-up will start to occur after twenty-five to thirty times you wear your mane. 

How do I prevent tangles?

Naturally, your mane may tend to mat due to sweat and heat, it is best to brush your mane at any point you feel your mane getting tangled. Use a light spray detangler to ensure getting all tangles out brush your mane from bottom to top gradually.