Stunning Ideas for Bridal Short and Medium Hair

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A woman's wedding day can be one of the happiest in her life and one that she may have dreamed of for many years. Yet, there's also a lot of pressure for brides to look immaculate, so weddings can be very stressful.

Even with a planner, a bride still has tons of things to look after. Having something borrowed and something blue won't cut it. You need to have the picture-perfect dress, makeup, and, of course, hairdo.

Hair extensions are a great way to wear the luscious mane of your dreams at your wedding. Even if your hair is short at the moment or thin by nature, extensions guarantee you won't have a bad hair day on YOUR day!

In this post, we'll show you X stunning ideas for bridal short hair that you can achieve with extensions. No matter the length of your natural hair is, you'll find the perfect wedding hairdo here!

7 Beautiful Wedding Hair Ideas With Extensions

1. Bridal Braids - For an Extra Romantic Wedding

Perfect for: Romantic, outdoor weddings. Boho-chic brides.

Braids have become very popular among brides for several reasons.

For starters, braids are a fantastic way to keep your hair on point in an outdoor, windy wedding.

This hairstyle is also ideal for those who want to focus on the makeup and dress. Braids are also for those who think that up-dos or buns are too serious.

You can add many braids that meet on the back and surprise your guests when you turn around or walk down the aisle. This seemingly simple-looking hairdo can be as intricate as you want! That said, too many braids may end up giving Game of Thrones vibes, so be careful.

Hair extensions allow you to have thick, silky braids that will add an extra layer of romance to your look. This kind of hairdo is also more likely to last as the day goes by, preventing frizz and staying in place for hours.

Pro tip: You can add tiny flowers into the braids for a more whimsical effect.


2. The “Down ‘Do” - A New Classic

Perfect for: All types of weddings and brides.

The "down 'do" is a more relaxed take on the classic bridal bun.

This hairdo is, nowadays, one of the most popular for weddings worldwide. Why? Because it keeps hair out of your face on such a special occasion but is not as severe as a tight updo.

While you can have "down 'do" with your natural hair, it is difficult for this style to hold for long. But, with extensions (and hairspray), you'll be able to rock this style for hours!

The "down 'do" is great for all types of weddings since it will bring attention to your face and makeup. Think of this style as the youngest, more casual sister of the updo! Wearing this ‘do will also make the most of the extra volume that the extensions add to your natural hair.

This hairdo is versatile because you can wear it with bangs, with a lock of hair out, or completely pulled back.


3. Mermaid Waves - Let Your Hair Down!

Perfect for: Young brides who don’t like updos, indoor weddings.

If you're not a fan of buns or updos in general, you can always opt to let your hair down on your wedding day.

Extensions are especially useful to create the perfect mermaid, wavy hair. You'll be adding tons of movement that will come in handy as you dance the night away during the reception. Likewise, the extra volume will make your bounce with grace as you march down the aisle.

This kind of hairstyle doesn't go out of fashion, and every bride can rock it, no matter the type of wedding.

But if you're going to get married in an outdoor scenario, this hairdo may not be the best alternative. The wind and other weather conditions could make the curls get frizzy very fast.

Pro tip: You could wear a Coachella-like crown flower on your head for a bohemian finish. But please, make sure the flowers match your bouquet!


4. The Ponytail to One Side - For a Beachy Look

Perfect for: Brides who like to wear their hair down but still want it out of their face.

A ponytail swiped to one side mixes the best of different hairdos. On the one hand, it keeps a lot of hair out your face, like a full-on ponytail. But it is still playful and bouncy, almost like wearing your hair down.

So, if you tend to wear your hair down in your day-to-day life, this hairstyle is the perfect marriage (pun intended). This ponytail style will showcase your beautiful makeup without being too tight.

Another benefit of creating this bridal hairstyle with extensions is its flexibility. You can make the pony cascade over one of your shoulders straight or in beautiful curls; it’s up to you!

The side pony is also a more outdoor-friendly alternative to the mermaid waves. So it is not uncommon in beach weddings.

Pro tip: If you think you have a good profile for pictures, make the ponytail fall on the opposite side.


5. The Updo - A Classic That Will NEVER Go Out of Style

Perfect for: All types of wedding, but primarily the most classic ones

The classic bun updo is the most elegant bridal hairstyle on this list. With extensions, you can make the bun more prominent and full of volume, which, in turn, will make you look taller!

The bun will put the focus on your beautiful makeup and face. This hairdo will also stay in place throughout the entire ceremony AND reception. Thus, this updo style is suitable for all types of weddings, including outdoorsy ones.

Although the bun's goal is to make your makeup and gown the focal points, you can still add extra details to the hair. For example, you could wear some sort of tiara and bring your princess fantasy to life!

There are many variations of the bridal bun that you can try. So, you can make this very comfortable and classic hairdo fit your particular style. Bangs or no bangs, with a lock falling on one side, with accessories or pulled back, it's your choice!


6. Half-Back Braids - The Best of Both Worlds

Perfect for: Young brides and boho-chic weddings

Half-back braids add the movement of wearing your hair down. But, by choosing this hairstyle for your wedding, you will still keep the hair out of your face.

Your stylist will create two braids to achieve this look, each on one side of your head. Then, the hairdresser will make the two braids join on the back of your head.

The rest of the hair will fall under the braids freely, either straight or in waves. So, you can add high-quality extensions made out of natural hair for more volume and length.

As with most hairdos on this list, you can change things up to make it reflect who you are even more. Make the braids thicker or thinner; add anything you can think of like flowers or glitter. That said, please don't forget to put some texturizing spray to keep the unbreaded hair on fleek!

You can choose this kind of hairdo for, pretty much, all kinds of wedding ceremonies. These braids will add a young vibe to your entire look and can hold up in outdoor settings.


7. The High Ponytail - For a Dramatic but Modern Look

Perfect for: Modern ceremonies and brides who want to look sexy

If you’re going for a modern but severe and dramatic look at your wedding, a ponytail may be the right fit. There's a reason why Ariana Grande can't live without this hairdo!

A Ponytail is excellent because it can hold up for hours, no matter the weather conditions or where you’re getting married.

With extensions, you can make it as long as you want; wear it straight or with curls if you want to seem more angelic.

As with other pulled back hairstyles, a high pony will make people focus on your face and makeup even more. Likewise, this 'do work in all scenarios, but especially on modern ceremonies.

If you want to stand out among other friends who are getting married, the minimal pony may be a perfect match.

Visually, a high pony can also make your neck look longer and your face slimmer. So, it's a win-win kind of bridal hairdo if you ask us!


Pros of Wearing Extensions for Your Wedding

● They are a quick, not damaging way to make your hair look longer and more voluminous.

● High-quality, natural hair extensions can last for way longer than your wedding. So, they are a good investment in the long-run.

● You can style them in many different ways for all sorts of events. Thus, you can have a lot of fun with your hair!

● Extensions made with natural hair look, well, natural. These extensions blend with your hairline and enhance the beauty that you already have.

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