How to Plan the Perfect Wedding During a Pandemic

Planning a wedding is ALWAYS a stressful process. But, if you add a global pandemic to the mix, then the stress hits a whole new level. If you wonder how you can have a perfect wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, you came to the right place!

First of all, try to organize as much as you can via Zoom for your safety. Due to the coronavirus's uncertainty, make sure you can reschedule too. Ask your venue, caterer, and everyone else about their Covid policies. Venues are willing to work with you to ensure your special day goes as planned.

But, even if rescheduling is a possibility, how can you make sure your guests are safe? And how can you stay in a positive stay of mind while getting ready to tie the knot during such crazy times? Keep on reading to find out!

How to Plan a Wedding During the Covid-19 Pandemic

DISCLAIMER: Before we go through the details, there’s something we need to clear up. You must follow the recommendations of your local authorities about the pandemic.

After all, you could get in trouble with the law, but, more importantly, there are also health risks. And no bride wants people to remember her wedding because they got sick afterward. You don't want to put your family and friends in danger either.

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You first need to research what the rules about events during the pandemic are where you live.

That said, a wedding planner will, for sure, know how you can have a ceremony that's as safe as possible. You can also ask the planner whether the date you're thinking of seems reasonable or not.

And the best part is that you can reach out to the wedding planner over the phone and set up a Zoom meeting. This way, you'll stay safe while also remaining at the place where you're the most comfortable: home.

Another thing we mentioned earlier is that you must ask about rescheduling policies. Everything's so uncertain due to the pandemic that you may have to switch your wedding date.

Thus, it would help if you ask your wedding planner if you could move your big day to another month if necessary. But your planner would have to be in charge of everything to change the entire wedding to another date.

If you hire a catering business independently, for example, you'd have to ask about its policies. But, there's a risk the company won't be able to reschedule to the same date you've talked about with the planner.

Thus, it may be better if you let a professional wedding planner be in charge of every aspect of your big day. Take some of the stress of your day out by leaving things to the experts!

Depending on the law where you live and the venue you choose, you may have to disinvite some people. Likewise, there could be different rules about social distancing, masks, and even dancing. So, it's vital to be upfront with the guests about what they can and can't do.

You can add a note to the invitations telling your guests what to expect from the ceremony and reception. If you think it's necessary, you can also express that you'll keep them posted about the wedding's date.

You can say what you're doing to reduce the possibility of anyone getting the virus at the wedding. For instance, you could mention there'll be masks and hand sanitizer available.

These messages may not set the most romantic atmosphere for a wedding. But you'll be giving your guests some peace of mind, which they'll appreciate now more than ever.

It may also be better to keep things intimate, only inviting you and your husband's close relatives. If possible, only reach out to people who live nearby. After all, travel is not such an easy task during a pandemic.

Make sure to tell people to RSVP and show them that you'll understand if they can't come. Some guests may have to look after someone with Covid or could be battling the virus themselves.

When it comes to the venue, please consider having your wedding outdoors. Why? Because there'll be more airflow and space for people to stay socially distant.

Having an outdoor wedding means that, as with all events, you'll need to be aware of what kind of weather to expect. Then, you'll know what to wear and how to style your hair for your big day. If you're planning to wear extensions, the stylist must install them two weeks in advance.

Finally, organizing a wedding during a pandemic can turn anyone into a bridezilla. So, please leave for some "me time" and do things that help you unwind and relax. Whether it is yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, or eating some comfort food is up to you!

Anything you find soothing for your mental state will come in handy before an event. But, and we can not stress this enough, you'll need all the help you can get to keep a positive attitude during a pandemic.

Hire a professional wedding planning company and stay flexible. Most things can’t be set in stone, so you must remain open to all the possibilities.

Your wedding may not be what you dreamed of at first but look on the bright side. You won't have to invite people out of courtesy, so that's a silver lining!

You can have a beautiful wedding full of memories that'll last for a lifetime. And, still, your big day can also be safe for everyone involved.

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