The Truth About Covid-19 and Hair Loss

It's been several months (nearly a year, to be exact) since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Yet, we're still learning about symptoms related to the virus almost every day. But can Covid-19 cause hair loss? We have the answer below!

Besides not being an "official" sign of Covid-19, some have lost hair after testing positive. Why? Well, for starters, the stress caused by the virus can make your mane weaker, and more susceptible to breakage. Also, one of the virus's typical symptoms is a fever, which can make you lose hair too.

But how can you prevent hair loss? And how much time will it take for your hair to go back to normal? We have all the answers below!

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss and Covid-19

As we mentioned before, hair loss is not an official Covid-19 symptom. That said, many people have lost a lot of hair whether they've tested positive for the virus or not.

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After all, one of the primary causes of hair loss is stress and anxiety. And, as you may guess, both things have been common throughout the entire pandemic.

So, even if you haven't had Covid, the whole Coronavirus uncertainty may cause you to lose hair. Also, if someone you know tests positive for the virus, you may be emotionally unstable. Thus, your locks may be more fragile than usual.

That said, fever IS among the most common Covid symptoms.

And fever can lead to hair loss, whether caused by this virus or others.

You may notice you’re losing big clumps of hair while you're brushing after a few months of being sick. The name of this condition is telogen effluvium (TE).

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TE can also appear after a stressful event triggers you. And if 2020 taught us anything is that fewer things are as stressful as a global pandemic.

So, how can you prevent your hair from falling out during these delicate times? Keep on reading to find out!

How to Prevent Hair Loss

The first thing you need to do to prevent your hair from falling is to reduce anything that causes you stress. We know it's easier said than done, but you can try meditating, reading, or watching feel-good movies. Anything that can help you disconnect from the not-so-encouraging Covid-related news is welcome.

Likewise, a healthy diet mixed with vitamin D and biotin (vitamin H or B7) supplements always helps.

How Long Does It Take for Hair to Go Back to Normal?

The good news is that hair loss is not permanent, regardless of the cause. After you recover from Covid or reduce stress in your life, your mane will slowly regain its strength.

In general, you'll see an improvement after six months, when the hair will look shiny again. But for your mane to go back to its usual texture and thickness, it'll take longer, around 18 months, to be exact.

In the meantime, you could always use extensions, as long as they're appropriate for your hair type. Otherwise, there's a risk you'll pull on your natural hair more, making it even weaker.

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